Abusua Pa Experience (Abusua Pa meaning Good Family in Fante) is a family ran organisation which was started in 2008.  We allow you access to the real day to day life, traditions and people of Ghana, West Africa.

We offer you an opportunity to have traditional home stays with our family in Cape Coast.

You can experience the beautiful tastes and cuisine of Ghana which will be cooked up on a traditional Style coal pot. You can learn the process of preparing and cooking these dishes with our lovely family that have studied at Culinary school in Cape Coast along with day to day cooking techniques.

We have tour and volunteer opportunities which run for four weeks onwards and can be catered to your needs. Whether it is for a University placement or just an experience and opportunity to immerse yourself in this wonderful culture we can accommodate you.

There are traditional festivals run each year around July to September that are an amazing opportunity to feel the joy and pleasure that these communities get out of music, dance and traditional parades that are for the Gods of the local areas.

We travel to various regions within Ghana and visit the attractions most important to these parts. Its many Castles built in the late 14th century to cater for the gold and ivory trade and later become a part of the darker side, being the slave trade of the 15th Century. The picturesque fresh water rivers that run from the top to bottom of Ghana and it's beautiful coastlines and National Parks will leave you breathless with the sometimes untouched beauty.


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You can contact us directly through the contacts page on this site and fill in the Conatct Form, send us an email to abusuapa187@hotmail.com or follow us on Facebook page Abusua Pa Experience.